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kiruna bolt wedge bolt

Slot and wedge anchors which also named Kiruna bolt were one of the first types of anchors to be developed.They were found to be acceptable in very hard rock where they were used during 1950s in the Snowy Mountains Scheme in Australia. The Kiruna bolt is still being used, mainly in the mines in the north region of Sweden.The Kiruna bolt is designed to be inserted in a borehole that has been pre-fifilled with cement grout with the objective of being a one-pass system with the slot and wedge anchor providing immediate reinforcement action prior to curing of the cement grout. An attempt was made in the 1990s to introduce these bolts or an alternative slot and wedge bolt in an Australian mine.  The maximum forces recorded for the Kiruna bolt varied between 15 kN in soft rock and 12 kN in hard rock.



Product Name


Original Material

Length of bolt


Kiruna bolt



1m to 3m

Mining Rock support





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